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The answer is always yes!

Usually it takes nothing more than our tile & grout steam cleaning process to restore your flooring to like new condition.
What if your floor needs more than cleaning? We’ve got plenty of options if your floor needs more than cleaning. We can provide you with grout repairs; caulking cracks along the floor/wall; grout color transformation/color sealing; stone polishing to bring back the shine to dull stone floors; application of low or high gloss sealers; or fill the holes in your Travertine tile.

How it’s done:

We use truck mounted cleaning systems for most surfaces. Our technicians know the proper products and procedures to clean any floor. Here’s how we treat the average tile and grout cleaning:

-We inspect the flooring and baseboards to asses all aspects that may affect the job

-The flooring is treated with a specialized cleaning solution best suited for your particular flooring type and soil conditions (our techs will mix a proper cleaner for each job which makes a big difference over using a basic floor cleaner).

-If needed, we’ll machine scrub the flooring. The tile and grout are steam pressure cleaned using a truck mounted system and an enclosed tool. The machines we use adjust from 50-3000psi & and provide anywhere from cool water to beyond boiling hot.

-After cleaning until no better results are possible, we then dry the floor.

-Finally we’ll apply a penetrating sealer, if you’ve chosen to protect your tile and grout, that will not change the look or color of you tile or grout unless you choose to have it color sealed in which we basically hand paint the grout with a “pancake batter like” product to change the color and texture. (we use a low odor, premium sealer that can be applied right after the cleaning and dries quickly, unlike the water based products that are supposed to be applied the next day which nobody does. They just apply it to the wet grout which dilutes the product and lowers it’s function to properly protect.)  It won’t keep your grout from accumulating soil, but will make it less prone to staining and you’ll have the best chance of having look like new again after your next cleaning.

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The same truck mounted machine can clean nearly anything: Carpet, upholstery, area rugs, tile & grout, natural stone (travertine, marble, terrazzo, slate, etc.), concrete (garage, driveway, in-house, etc.), showers, walls, counter tops, and more. We use a wide variety of specialized products to ensure all stains are treated with the proper chemical (no one cleaner does all).  We use enclosed tools that extract all of the water and soil our to our truck so no mess left behind.  Please call for a free estimate 702-880-7890 and ask about 10% off or 15% off if you a whole house carpet & tile cleaning service.  Thanks for reading.

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